I Dreamed I Was Awake

I speak with the tongues of men and of angels

Sound. Music. Found sound. The expression and oppression of sound and noise. The biology of sound. The banging and blowing and bowing and strumming and plucking of base materials to create Paradise. If you were blind and paralysed. The vision behind your eyelids.

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Darris Golinski as you’ve never heard him before. Atmospheric songs with haunting melodies and introspective lyrics. Preview the forthcoming album DARK MATTER…
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An eclectic group of musicians, singers, composers, writers and actors inspired by multi-disciplinary collaborations and the synthesis of music and words. …
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Twang with the Cowboy Angels and preview their first album SONS & DAUGHTERS, an instrumental mix of lilting ballads and soaring guitars…
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A powerful taster from Dan and Elyza, a duo from Southend whose blend of surreal and ethereal harmonies makes you sit up and take notice…

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Jacques Brel

Jacques Brel (1929-1978) was a Belgian 'chansonnier'.

A chansonnier is more than just a singer. Jacques Brel, like many cabaret chansonniers, often uses the technique of imagining a character and a situation and singing a song from this character's point of view, and so the songs and the performance are often dramatic with elements of 'heightened speech'
Brel may have imagined a setting from which to sing, but the songs are much more than just 'sung acting'.  The emotions that the songs expressed were real enough, and Brel's performances were celebrated for their emotional intensity. This emotional intensity was reciprocated by his audience, French and Belgian, and through translations (good and bad) of his songs all around the world.
Read spin-doctor, French graduate and co-architect of the New Labour project, Alastair Campbell describe the tears of a Belgian lorry driver he had hitched a lift with on hearing of Brel's death, aged 48, announced over the radio.
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Yiddish: Bulbes

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Love Yiddish. Yiddish music. Yiddish culture. Yiddish humour. And the Yiddish language, basically German with some Hebrew and Aramaic thrown in. A pinch of Slavic, Balkan and Romance languages for seasoning.
In written form it uses the Hebrew alphabet. It is spoken only in small scattered pockets of Orthodox Jewry now, but was once the language of pretty much all East European and German Jews.

There was a tradition of Yiddish 'music hall' in the East-end of London amongst the large Jewish émigré community that grew up there in flight from the pogroms in Russia and elsewhere. Before World War II it is estimated there were ten million people whose first language was Yiddish.

More than four fifths of those who perished in the holocaust would have been Yiddish speakers. That, and the mass migrations to the new state of Israel, where the decision had been made to resurrect Hebrew as a spoken language dealt the Yiddish language and Yiddish culture a blow from which it may, or may not recover.

This song, Bulbes, sung in Yiddish, with a little Polish seasoning, sings, with half-humorous resignation, of the monotony of a diet, day after day, of potatoes (bulbes), but, as with much that is Yiddish, it invites an alternative interpretation (like the Torah tradition of midrash) which is sexual - with a reference to a possible lack of variety in married sex!

But, sticking with the idea of always seeking another midrash , the song is not just about the relentless monotony of poverty, but also about the security it offers. Yes we are in the shit of grinding poverty - but we are in it together! And we can still make jokes.
Darris Golinski • I Dreamed I Was Awake

Yiddish: Tuli Kupferberg

Tuli Kupferberg - The Fugs
Tuli Kupferberg, driving force behind the collection of 1960s pacifist anarchist weirdos The Fugs was brought up in a Yiddish speaking New York family in the Forties.

Like his good friend Allen Ginsberg, who also sometimes recorded with The Fugs, he loved to bring political and social comment together with poetry, humour and mystical religious traditions from around the world into a beautiful infantile engaging mess - eg ’Karl Marx - nothing. Engels - nothing. Kropotkin, Bakunin - nothing. Leon Trotsky is a nothing. Stalin LESS than nothing'
Darris Golinski • I Dreamed I Was Awake
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J.J.Cale • Wordsmith/Tunesmith

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75 Years • J.J.Cale
Born 5 December 1938 • Died 26 July 2013

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Have loved and admired this guy since I first heard him in 1972, when I was indeed a young man. I've lived with his music ever since, through the dark days of punk, the wasted 80's and 90's and until YouTube afforded me the benefit of listening to JJ Cale stuff I've never heard before.

He rarely disappoints, reaching new highs with his wonderfully perceptive lyrics and some astounding black and white photos that make up 'Homeless', truly a song of our times. I've been a lifelong fan, he's been a lifelong inspiration.

Phil Perfect • Cowboy Angels