Cowboy Angels

Brighton/Sweden based cowboys that twang

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Cowboy Angels • Sons & Daughters

The jingle of his spurs ring a ghostly accompaniment to the solemnity of his step as he paces the boardwalk to a final showdown.

So alone amongst spirits of past gambling and corruption, whoredom and spite and the death of the hopeless. The town so silent in anticipation that it may as well be a ghost town.

Alone among the spirits of the damned a man must walk who is not himself damned.

But who will be his guide? His eyes? His ears?
Where are his angels?

His angels are with him still. Celluloid cowboys all.
  1. Strangers Six tracks from the debut album © 2014
  2. 75 Years Debut album © 2014
  3. Lone Star Debut album © 2014
  4. Paloma Valverde Debut album © 2014
  5. Sons & Daughters Debut album © 2014
  6. Rosemary Debut album © 2014

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Cowboy Angels • Pendle Hill

  1. Pendle Hill
  2. Leave the Gun (Take the Conoli) Latest album © 2016
  3. Northern Lights Latest album © 2016
  4. It's The law
  5. Oldest Saloon bar
  6. Cowpoke's Lament

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When everyone is somebody, then no one is anybody
W S Gilbert
Cowboy Angels are the brainchild of the two founding members, guitarist Phil Perfect and bassist Chris Tanner. Phil is based in Brighton UK and Chris in Malmo, Sweden.

Being primarily an instrumental outfit, Cowboy Angels write soundtracks and incidental music. Their debut CD, Sons & Daughters, was released in 2014 and the band have just completed a second album, Pendle Hill, which was finalised in September 2016. So the wax has barely set, this CD is hot off the press and could well be on vinyl too. Watch this space for further updates.

Both guys are multi-instrumentalists. Phil plays acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, as well as sampling, mixing and production, while Chris plays electric and acoustic bass, double bass, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin and keyboards.